Dogbone Soft Shackle - Single Braid

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The ultimate versatile soft connector

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Ideal to connect sheets, halyards, blocks, lifelines, winch cables. The stainless steel dogbone enables a neat and easy-to-open operation.

It's made in Switzerland of PU-coated pre-streched Dyneema SK75, SK78 or SK99. 

D stands for line diameter - it's the diameter of the line used to build the shackle

L stands for Length - it's the length of the shackle when it lays open

The load stated is the Maximum Breaking Loa (MBL) in DecaNewtons (DaN) - 1 DaN corresponds approximately to the gravity force generated by a weight of 1 kilogram (kg)

900 DaN ~ 2000 lbf

2200 DaN ~ 4900 lbf

4000 DaN ~ 9000 lbf

7000 DaN ~ 16000 lbf